Hanter Dro / Cold Reading

Hanter Dro / Cold Reading

Konzert Post-Rock Hard Rock
Sa 01.02.2020
20:00 Uhr

Hanter Dro

Hanter Dro is a post-hardcore band from Lucerne. The quartet oscillates between sweaty hardcore crashes and melancholic ambient parts, rich in variations and yet unmistakable. An up and down of emotions. This mixture provides an oppressive intensity, which unfolds its power on the stage and spreads to infect the audience.

Having retreated to their own studio outside of Luzern, Hanter Dro will release their second album. The record which is called “Death by Algorithm” was mixed by Chris Common; a great on the American scene (these arms are snakes, le butcherettes). Nine new songs reflect the development of Hanter Dro over the last three years. Even more precise, even more condensed and even more to the point.

Hanter Dro – the best choice for fans of delicate brutal music.


Cold Reading

Cold Reading tell stories. Stories about quitting and starting, tumbling and getting up, about the wistful look back and the hopeful vision of things to come. After releasing their debut album Fractures & Fragments (2015) and the Sojourner EP (2017), Cold Reading are going off the beaten path for the realisation of their second album. In the form of a concept album, Cold Reading explore the subject of time both musically and lyrically, and try to approach this elusive concept from different perspectives. The album consists of three EPs, which will be released successively and deal with the past, the present and the future, respectively.


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